Demitri Schizas Founder and President

Demitri Schizas
Founder and President

The WhistleWorks Story
WhistleWorks was founded in Austin, TX in 2014 by Demitri Schizas. His vision was to build a company that customers would value for the quality of the work he performed and for the respect and professionalism with which he served each and every customer.

Why Choose WhistleWorks?
With so many businesses in Austin offering services that are similar to those that we offer, we know that we must find a way to earn your business. We believe that the best way to do that is through friendly, courteous service to our customers and personal attention to detail and quality. When WhistleWorks comes to your home, Demitri will personally ensure that the work is done to the highest level of quality we can deliver and to your complete satisfaction.