Simple Pricing.
We try to keep pricing simple, with no hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises. Our service area is within the Austin city limits. Outside Austin city limits we apply a $25 travel fee, which does count toward the minimum job size.

Window Cleaning Pricing.
Prices per typical window shown below, about 36″ x 48″. Larger windows will cost a bit more and smaller windows a bit less. Windows on a second story require an additional $50. We ask for a minimum job size of $75.

  • Inside: $5
  • Outside: $5
  • Inside and outside: $9

Power Washing Pricing.
Price per square foot is $0.42. Power washing on a roof requires an additional $90. We ask for a minimum job size of $75. Below are some examples to give you an idea of how that works out in typical scenarios.

  • Typical one-car driveway, 18 x 10, 180 square feet: about $75
  • Typical two-car driveway, 18 x 20, 360 square feet: about $150
  • Typical backyard deck, 15 x 20, 300 square feet: about $125
  • Exterior walls, one story house: 500 to 1,500 square feet, $210 to $630

Gutter Cleaning Pricing.
Price per linear foot for a single-story house is $1. Add $100 to the price below for a two-story house. We ask for a minimum job size of $75.

  • Typical single-story house with about 100 linear feet of gutter, about $100